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Alicoin Smart Investment Coin

The work will be realized both with the large online stores AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and smaller ones that will be selected based on your location. It will no longer be necessary to transfer money several times in order to buy a phone or a laptop. Coin holders just need to choose the necessary goods and pay for the purchase.

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ALC Sold


current bonus 17%

1 ALC = 0.4$

ICO starts in:

We accept the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin


The main goal of the project is to facilitate as much as possible the lives of the owners of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the use of smart contracts
will increase the security of any operation.

  • Name: Alicoin
  • Symbol: ALC
  • Total Supply: 25,000,000
  • ICO: 7,000,000
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Algorithm: ERC20
  • ICO date: 15th of June 2018
  • Price: Start 0.40$
  • Time zone: London (GMT)
  • 1st semester: 60% (10% monthly)
  • 2nd semester: 50% (8% monthly)
  • 3rd semester: 40% (7% monthly)
  • 4th semester: 30% (5% monthly)
  • 5th semester: 20% (3% monthly)
  • 6th semester: 10% (1.4% monthly)

Investment of a Lifetime



Our Team


Andrew Lee

Master of MBA / Business school MBA, Tokyo

He has more than 11 years of experience in fintech and technology sphere. After an auspicious career in several successful companies like Deloitte, Toshiba Corp Ltd., Andrew became a serial entrepreneur. He brought his talent for technology leadership, innovation, and the world of blockchain. 
 In 2017 he created Alicoin Cash.


Jan Bruggen

PhD. in mathematical sciences / University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (UvA)

Jan has worked in financial services for almost 16 years. He has founded several companies based on analysis and financial information technology. He brings a deep understanding of financial services, the technology that drives innovation in the space, and the regulatory framework. Jan has worked as General Counsel for several international financial services companies and has acted as advisor to some technology ICO project.


Thomas Bruggen

Economic degree / University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (UvA)

Almost three years in the position of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER in the leading companies of the country allow Thomas confidently carry out his duties. Since 2014, he has been a crypto-investor.


Olivia Ulieru

Marketing and economic degree / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam

She is passionate about marketing strategy, the new marketing technologies, and platforms. With more than 10 year experience in marketing in the fintech, investment, and technology space, Olivia has worked in strong companies and established corporations. She prides herself on a fresh, creative approach backed by solid management and a skillset developed across a diverse range of companies and sectors. Since 2017, she has completely dedicated herself to the development in the field of blockchain.


Alyse Šeděnka

Alyse harnesses the power of words and technology to engage audiences and compel them to action. As a communications professional in SMM, Alyse combines positive minds and strong communication skills for building communication with the community of our project. Alyse is also an experienced public speaker, passionate about sharing her knowledge and motivating audiences. She has experience in several ICO.


Chris Jensen

Blockchain guru

ICO development specialist, Senior Web Developer. The creator of several platforms for IСO, the developer of a smart contract for Alicoin Cash. Technical ICO Adviser.


Mark Timmo

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering / Leiden University, Leiden

PM & Smart Contract engineer, creator of Blockchain experimental platform
"Blockchain Holland fund-raising platform". He participates in the project of "Blockchain monitoring mechanism of agricultural production for Leiden".


ICO Alicoin Cash will start on 15 of June 2018 and will last
to 31 of August 2018.

7 000 000 ALC will be totally sold within 46 days. In case of buying
the coins at all ICO stages, the additional purchase bonuses will be
provided in the form of additional coins


join ico

There is no minimal storage period. You are able to withdraw coins to your crypt wallet at any time.

The more coins you have in your wallet and the longer you hold them, the bigger profit you get.


A new unique program automatically generating a daily profit. It is the program of the intellectual and free investment system. Our goal is ensuring the users’ freedom of control over their investments in the system.


The affiliate referral earnings program for users will be involved on our platform. You receive your unique identifier (id) after registration.


Coming Soon

Smart Investment Calculator

Use the slider below to get an idea about the profitability of investment.


The affiliate referral earnings program for users will be involved on our platform. You receive your unique identifier (id) after registration.

On its basis, you are provided with referral links and all promotional materials (banners, video). By spreading them, you can attract new users (referrals).

After the referral registration using the link, you are able to receive a reward.

Within the framework of the ICO affiliate program, all users can receive commissions up to 10% at 7 different levels. For instance, if user B logs in to Alicoin site via a referral link from the user A and takes participation in ICO, the user A receives the reward by way of commission for every Alicoin purchase.

Payment Alicoin Cash Debit Card

Our project involves the use of its own debit cards with the ability of Alicoin cryptocurrency calculations.

The debit card of our project works on the principal of the ordinary debit card except the fact that the funds will be withdrawn not from a bank account. The cryptocurrency wallet will be used.

The comfort use of our debit card is unquestionable. In comparison with standard cards, the advantage of using our cards is visible. First of all, they provide user’s freedom.

Alicoin Cash
Trade Platform

Alicoin project will develop its own trading platform. Using the cryptocurrency and our Alicoin coins, the clients will be able to sell and buy goods and services. In order to avoid fraudulence, all platform operations will be under control. Such monitoring will provide full transparency and safety.


The project provides a mobile application with an Alicoin wallet allowing the user to send and receive payments
in a convenient place and at the convenient time. Your wallet will be accessible in any part of the world.

Comming soon
  • Save time
  • Secure and private
  • Instant payments
  • Mobile NFC payment
  • Friendly interface
Comming soon
  • Save time
  • Secure and private
  • Instant payments
  • Mobile NFC payment
  • Friendly interface

offer Blogger Partnership

With the purpose of our project advertising, we will use all ways of Social Media Marketing.

To maximize the audience, our advertising will be presented in many world social networks. We use our contacts with FinTech specialists, media managers in order to present reviews in technologically competent collections. The qualified production specialists work in our team. Such cooperation will allow us to create video advertisement on social networks. It will multiple reduce the price of the final lead.

The marketing plan of our project provides affiliate programs for YouTube bloggers which will help us create our own initiative core clientele.

The bloggers will get the BTC money reward. The video placement, the material quality, and the views number will be taken into account. We will appreciate the creative approach to the coverage of the topic.

Youtube Campaing
Create a video review on your channel
100 USD
1 000 - 5 000
Create a video review on your channel
300 USD
6 000 - 15 000
Create a video review on your channel
800 USD
16 000 - 50 000
Create a video review on your channel
1000 USD
55 000 - 100 000
Reach 300 - 2,000 viewers from videos
100 USD
Reach 2,100 - 5,000 viewers from videos
200 USD
Reach 5,100 - 10,000 viewers from videos
500 USD
Reach 10,100 - 15,000 viewers from videos
800 USD
Reach 15,100 - 50,000 viewers from videos
1000 USD



  • Q2 2018 - Preparation of the legal framework
    for the delivery of goods
  • Q2 2018 - The beginning of the creation
    of a trading platform for the Alicoin platform
  • Q3 2018 - Connecting Shops
  • Q3 2018 - Optimizing the platform
  • Q3 2018 - Testing the platform
  • Q4 2018 - Alicoin platform entry
  • Q4 2018 - The addition of Local Stores
  • Q1 2019 - Opportunity to open your stores within the platform Provision of di erent delivery services (for example, delivery of pizza/food or paying a taxi)


  • Q2 2018 - Preparation of the legal framework
    for services
  • Q2 2018 - Start of the creation of a platform for services for the Alicoin platform
  • Q2 2018 - Implementing Smart Contracts
  • Q3 2018 - The implementation of the incentive
  • Q3 2018 - Full Alicoin platform entry
  • Q4 2018 - Implementation of an assistant for large proj- ects. Additional control over employees
  • Q4 2018 - Adding an algorithm that will allow you
    to pay for work depending on the time


  • Q1 2018 - Preparation of the legal framework for investment
  • Q1 2018 - Selection of suitable trading strategy
  • Q1 2018 - Selection of suitable brokers and exchanges
  • Q2 2018 - Testing and optimization of the trading system
  • Q2 2018 - Creating a trading robot for the Alicoin platform
  • Q2 2018 - Start creating a free intellectual investment system Alicoin
  • Q2 2018 - The addition of neural networks for self-learning robots
  • Q2 2018 - The addition of opportunities to inform investors
  • Q2 2018 - Optimizing the platform
  • Q3 2018 - Full-featured release of the free intellectual investment system Alicoin

INVESTMENT Consideration

Due to the experimental nature of the cryptocurrency and its high volatility, unpredictable events can occur during the implementation of each
project. Problems from the technological point of view as well as legal norms, cyber-attacks or changes in the cryptocurrency environment can
affect the results of the roadmap. The roadmap described in the document should be considered as a prospective development plan. Although the
Alicoin team does its best to perform all the necessary work, there is no guarantee that all stages of the roadmap will be executed well. Thus, the
team would like to inform users about investing at their own risk. There is some risk, but it has to be in any investment.